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software & support for rcp bridge

image of wireless rpc


Download rcp-bridge-windows-ip-config-tool (ZIP)


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What happens, if the system gets out of range?
Both - camera and rcp will get a flashing call sign. As soon the cameras wifi is valid again, system works normal instantly.

Can I connect more than one camera to a single rcp?
No, you always need to connect one camera to one rcp.

Do I have to make any configuration, if I only want to use one camera and one rcp via ethernet cable?
No, you just have to connect the rcp-bridges on both sides (camera and rcp) via a ethernet cable. This will work instantly. If you want to use more than on system, you will have to configure the ip-adress of every rcp-bridge to avoid network problems.

Can I use my own wifi-bridge to connect with a rcp-bridge?
Of course, you only have to make sure, that both - rcp-bridge and wifi-bridge work in the same network address range.