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wireless rcp

wireless full telemetrie for Sony camcorder and Sony rcp

image of wireless rpc
A wireless rcp system is necessary if you want to control rcp-parameters and tally of a wireless camera. You can simply build a wireless rcp on your own with our rcp-bridge in combination with a wifi-bridge and a rcp. rcp bridge single wifiNo external power is needed, because our rcp-bridge is powered by the camera with only one 8-pin-remote-connector. It is easy to configure a bigger value of rcp-bridges if you plan to use a multiple-camera-setup. One single ip-cable is enough to connect multiple rcp-bridges between ob-van and the event room. You can even use existing ip-infrastructure and existing wifi. rcp bridge wifi Our rcp-bridge is very low-priced in comparison with other full-telemetry-systems. learn more about rcp bridge